The High-Five Initiative at Wiley Elementary School


The High-Five Initiative is a community project organized by Rev. Keith Funderburk with the Social and Emotional Learning Group. The project is meant to encourage, inspire, and expose children in high-needs schools to greatness.

On August 11th, 2017, students from Wiley Elementary were greeted with high fives from one hundred local community professionals with various backgrounds. The community of professionals high-fived each student as they entered the school to encourage and inspire them on their academic year and personal journey.

The professionals represented were local doctors (including our own Dr. Durham), lawyers, police officers, ministers, military service, and a variety of professions throughout the city. A part of the premise of this event is the “mere-exposure effect”, which is a psychological phenomenon by which people are more likely to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them.

The S.E.L. Group chose Wiley Elementary School because it is one of the poorest schools in Guilford County with the highest percentage of low-income students. The S.E.L. Group, along with Dr. Durham and the local community professionals, wanted to give back to the community by inspiring and motivating the kids with all the possibilities for their future.  

We look forward to participating in the High Five Initiative again in 2018!

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